John C.B.

Up until about five or six years ago, I had good vision as long as I updated my correction on a timely basis. Then the floaters started to appear. The left eye first, then two or three years later, the right eye.

I travel a lot and find it more difficult finding my way through airports. I miss a lot of directional signs and going through security, I find that I am constantly needing more help. To see any object clearly, I must first focus on it and wait for the floaters to move.

On the interstate, by the time I focus on an exit sign and the floaters move, I am already past it. It keeps my wife on her toes keeping me on the right road. Driving in traffic and the movement of cars is alright. I just can’t read signs.

Reading a newspaper is quite a chore. The floaters always move into my line of sight. I like to work crossword puzzles but moving my eyes back and forth from the squares to the clues is a blur.

I have blamed my floaters being so bad on flash bulbs. Last week, I posed for over 1,000 polaroid pictures. Each one a flash. I know that they are gradually getting worse.

Grocery shopping is becominge more difficult as it is taking longer to read the labels.

John C. B.
Official Look Alike for Colonel Sanders
Yum Brands
December 9, 2004
Preoperative letterWith permission

I guess the only excuse I have for not writing this letter sooner is that I just don’t think about my vision much anymore.

I can read the road signs without my wife’s help. I can read the labels in the grocery store, even the fine print and the crawl across the bottom of the T.V.

One of the miracles that Jesus did during His ministry on Earth was to “cause the blind to see.” I feel that is what He did for me, working through you and your team.

My vision is better now than it was in my 30s and I will be 75 next month! Six months ago, I never thought I would ever let someone operate on my eyes. Now, the floaters are gone, and the cataracts are gone, and I can see clearly again!now.

John C.B.
The Colonel Look Alike
Yum Brands
June 6, 2005
Postoperative letter

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