Charles R.C.

The problem I am experience with my left eye has created numerous difficulties for me. The large object that I am seeing in my line of vision is always there and always moved to my point of focus.

It is affecting my daily life, such as my ability to read, to write, to attend to my personal hygiene, and everything I try to do. I cannot see through it or force this object to move. It is constantly in the view of whatever I am trying to focus upon.

Because of my very limited vision in my right eye due to a childhood injury, I am almost totally dependent on my left eye to see and function daily. Hence, this problem with my left eye is extremely disabling.

Charles R.C.
Preoperative letter
September 19, 2016

The results of my surgery are very positive. The object that was affecting my daily life is now gone and I am able to read again and maintain my daily hygiene and even drive. My depth perception has improved tremendously along with my ability to focus.

For the first time since age 12, I can actually read without glasses.

I am so grateful that this procedure was available to me. I would make the same decision again to have this surgery. My independence has been restored.

Charles R.C.
Postoperative letter
November 11, 2016

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