Debbie P.

The issue with my right eye causes great difficulty in passing the vision test for a driver’s license. I had to take it several times. I can’t read road signs. I can’t always read the computer screen, which is my job. I end up straining my neck to get closer to be able to read. The floaters/blurred area interfere with reading, and I have more headaches from trying to focus through blurred areas/spots trying to read or look at an object. In shooting, I have changed from being able to hit about 98 targets to hitting 89-91, with these mainly coming from the left side.

When I move my eyes or change focus, there is a “small blob” that floats/appears from the top right to the center of vision in my right eye. I feel like I need to wipe goo off my eye. This began about February 2016 and hasn’t calmed down. Another physician stated that it might be my optic nerve, but as far as my vision is concerned, he couldn’t do anything. Also, I have many black floaters, both spots and lines, with a big, crooked line to the right and center of my right eye. I have a blurry spot on the left eye too, but not anywhere near as bad as in the right eye. I am right eye dominant and have monovision.

Debbie P. RN
October 31, 2016

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