Emily W.

My problem with the vitreous opacities became more pronounced after the surgery, not so much due to the size of the opacities as to the fact that after three to five seconds, the opacities settled into the visual axis in each eye. This situation caused substantial difficulty with my most useful and enjoyable activities which are reading and playing a musical instrument. The opaque material was not of sufficient size or density to cause significant difficulty driving other than in dark, unfamiliar places.

After allowing what I considered to be sufficient time for the surgical results to stabilize, I decided to seek your opinion regarding the feasibility of improving my visual situation and was greatly relieved when you felt I might experience a substantial benefit from vitrectomy.

Emily W., MD Retired Ophthalmologist
November 25, 2002
Preoperative statement


As you may remember, you asked me to summarize my personal observations since I underwent vitrectomy in my left eye in December 2002.

The short answer is that my functional acuity has enormously improved. Prior to the surgery, although my acuity was quite good when the mid-vitreous floaters were out of the way, the good vision was exceedingly transient. Typically, I had to do a purposeful saccade to jerk the trash out of my visual axis every few seconds. This obviously impaired my reading speed and especially the reading of music.

I am pleased to report that the left eye is markedly improved. Comparing the acuity of the left eye with that in the right (which was less involved with vitreous opacities), the left is enormously the better. In fact, I would like to have the right eye fixed as well at some future time.

I might add that I have much improved peace of mind regarding the possibility of future retinal problems since I was a moderately high myope prior to my cataract surgery. The encircling retinopexy gives me great reassurance.

In short, the resulting improvement in my lifestyle has been nothing short of spectacular.

Emil W., MD
February 5, 2003
Postoperative statement (left eye)

My left eye, the one previously operated on, is marvelous! The colors are vivid, and the acuity is excellent, even without correction.

The right eye vision has gotten somewhat worse since my last visit. Although I can still clear it by a voluntary movementaccede, a cloudy material obstructs the visual axis most of the time. There is a larger floater in the temporal field that is dense enough and central enough that I perceive it as a moving object in my surroundings. I frequently have a fleeting impression that a car is approaching from the right, or a lizard is on my desk, or a roach is on the kitchen counter, or some other absurdity. The misperception occurs often enough to be worrisome.

Emil W., MD
April 7, 2003
Postoperative statement (left eye) and preoperative statement (right eye)

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