Faye M.

The floaters that have developed in my eyes affect, negatively, just about every aspect of my life. I am an avid reader, do lots of hand sewing, work as a manicurist, watch lots of movies, use my computer, etc. The movement of the floaters not only causes hazing constantly, but it is very mentally taxing. They migrate in and out of my line of vision so and are extremely distracting. I have a very active life and am in good health, so it’s hard to accept the limitations cause be these floaters…the left eye is very foggy, and the right eye has lots of movement.

Faye M.
January 4, 2017
Preoperative statement

After having surgery to remove floaters from my left eye, my mental health has greatly improved. There are no floaters now and it is wonderful!

Faye M.
March 27, 2017
Postoperative statement (left eye)

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