Kim D.

During the past year and a half (2014 – 2016), I have noticed floaters in both eyes. In my left eye, the floaters are like little cobwebs and not as visible in the morning. The floaters become more visible as the sun comes up. Thus, wearing sunglasses seems to help, but not completely.

The right-eye floaters are very distinct with black thick floaters. I have been known to try and catch flies only to be catching air, as the floaters in each eye will make me see “fruit flies.”

I work on a large screen computer with large font most of the day, and I must continuously move my eyes to see and read. While grocery shopping, I find myself having to look out of the side of my eyes to see the name of a product. Also, when ordering from a fast-food restaurant, I find trying to read the menu extremely frustrating! I must move my eyes back and forth to be able to see it.

While driving at night, I wear yellow-colored sunglasses to help with the bright lights.

The floaters are visible 100% during waking hours causing frustration and anxiety!

Kim D.
October 24, 2016

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