Roxann B.

The following is a description of my vision in the right eye. The problems are diffuse haze and, a center vision blur., and chronic dilation.

1. Diffuse Haze: There is a grey, smoky, haze in my vision making lights, especially car lights, appear as if they are coming out of a foggy night. Lights have halos. Rooms look like they are filled with light smoke.

2. Center Blur: A thick blob of gel containing trash sits in 95% of my vision.
It floats some but never clears my vision. It is like looking though screen wire withsitting Lacrilube or Vaseline. Reading is slow and difficult because the center vision has a blur from the top of the eye to the bottom obscuring the letters. Blinking does not clear the visual field. Eye movement will occasionally clear the vision for less than a second. I lose details and definition. An example is peoples’ faces. I lose the detail and definition of the center of their face to the point of recognizing them only by their voice. Any small detail task is difficult at the very best and is usually done by feel.

There have been several occasions lately when my eye will start to feel weird and scratchy then suddenly, the vision gets very blurry with triple vision. Far and near are out of focus even with corrective lenses. The eye is not dilated or dilating. This last for approximately thirty minutes then resolves on its own.

Roxann B.
April 13, 2007
Preoperative statement


The following is a description of my vision in the right eye post op. The results were immediate and remarkable. My vision is crystal clear, absolutely crystal clear. The difference is like going from opening your eyes under murky water to looking through a freshly cleaned window. The great er outdoors looks like it has been washed in a clean spring shower. The colors are vivid. I can see details on faces and definition of dark objects. I can see to tie a fishing hook.

The impact on my daily life is dramatic. I can drive again. I no longer struggle at the grocery store to see the products. I can see my face in the mirror, the dust on the furniture, the computer keyboard. One of the most important things is that I can do my job with greater ease and safety.

I saw my regular ophthalmologist at least eight times from February to May with the same complaint of diffuse haze, center vision blur, and trash in my vision. He actually told me that my eye was perfect, that I could read the 20/20 line, that nothing was wrong, and sent me on my way. I mention this to emphasize the importance of the diagnosis and the impact that it has on the quality of life.

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication and being excellent in your field. Most of all, thank you for recognizing the problem and restoring my vision. I am well pleased with pleased with the outcome.

Roxann B.
August 28, 2007
Postoperative statement

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