Clayton P.

For some time now, my vision has become gradually impaired.  What I see is hard to explain, but it is like looking through white tissue paper.  The image is almost there, but foggy or like looking through a cloud.  This causes me to blink excessively to try and clear my vision.  When I blink it is a strain because I must blink hard or forcefully to clear my vision.  This constant strain from blinking my eyes causes me to be more fatigued than I would normally be and sometimes causes me to be nervous.


The problem has escalated to the point that I am concerned with the safety factor of driving.  I drive automobiles, trucks, etc. a good portion of the day because I own and operate an automobile repair shop.  I have difficulty in distinguishing the color of traffic lights.  I can read signs most of the time, but I don’t not feel comfortable driving at night because of the condition of my eyes.


This problem has slowed my productivity at my job.  I use my eyes in every phase of my business, from paperwork in the office, to diagnosing a hands-on problem with an engine, or just reading a parts manual. Even small jobs that take meticulous care are difficult for me, when some years back they were just normal and mundane.  This is of great concern to me as it inhibits my ability to continue to progress and grow in my field.


The most serious hinderance caused by my eyes not working properly is not being able to read small print.  I am faced s with small print all day, every day and it is becoming harder and harder to read electronic equipment with digital print outs.  I have a terrible time trying to read the newspaper, with or without my glasses.


There are short periods of time on occasion when I can see as clearly as I could twenty years ago; however, these periods are becoming less frequent.  


I am aware after your examination of my eyes and diagnosis that there is something that can be done to correct this problem, so please accept this letter as my written request for your services in correcting this problem.


Clayton P.

June 19, 1995

Preoperative letter



I have been quite myopic for most of my life, having worn glasses since the age of 10 and eventually requiring a correction of five to six diopters in each eye. In addition to the refractive error, I have always had a moderate amount of vitreous debris. I first remember it presenting a significant visual problem in medical school, though even then the debris was more of an annoyance than an impairment.


The problem became decidedly more noticeable after I had cataract surgery on July 12, 2001, on the right eye and March 5, 2002, on the left eye. The surgical result in both cases was excellent with acuity corrected to 20/20 in each eye.  I have a small residual correction in each eye and requested IOL selection to give functional monovision. The system has worked quite well for most activities.


The left eye has progressively become worse.  I have huge floaters in this eye, and it is making me extremely nervous and tired.  I squint all day long to move the floaters so that I can see.  I have major problems trying to read, drive and do my job.  I was driving my truck last week and nearly hit a pedestrian, who was coming across the street to my left. I did not see him and nearly ran him over.  That nearly scared me to death.  I need your help.  It is time to fix my left eye.


The surgery you performed on my right eye (same problem) about six years ago, has been a success.  My sight improved immediately.  My life has been easier because I could see so much better.


Clayton P.

April 8, 2002

Preoperative (left eye) and postoperative statements (right eye)

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