George S.

About a year and a half ago I developed a visual problem mainly in my left eye. I began to see large blobs of gray mass and black webs and dots in my field of vision. I have floaters in both eyes, but the left eye is significantly worse than the right eye. The floaters are constant and become more active in sunlight and bright surroundings.

The floaters are with me 24/7 and their movement varies. On occasion they are fast moving dots, and, at other times, a large blob hangs in my central field of vision and lingers. There are times that I feel like I am encased in a virtual pin ball machine with these particles surrounding me. It is depressing and I am anxious to find a safe solution.

Last year, I arranged for laser treatment through Dr. K. Regrettably, this treatment provided no relief, as he indicated that my floaters were too close to the retina. This problem has altered my quality of life and made it more difficult for me to function in my occupation as an HR Manager for a large consulting engineering firm. In this role, I spend all day on the computer and this chronic floater problem makes it difficult for me to focus on my work. I also now avoid reading, whenever possible, as my concentration suffers as a result of the floaters.

I am near sighted and have been wearing glasses since age 6. I am in excellent health and my eyes are ok, aside from this issue. Doctor Morris, I am delighted with your research and success in this field and would be very happy to seek your help in resolving this issue. My family and friends are very supportive of my desire to find a successful treatment. I sincerely hope we can move forward.

George S.
February 3, 2011, OU
Preoperative Letter

Letter submitted by George’s wife, Kathleen regarding his vision

George has been very unhappy since his visit with Dr. K last year. He had very high hopes of that his problem with floaters would be alleviated if not corrected completely. The series of approximately 60 laser blasts was virtually useless; he experienced no change at all. He was further depressed that the doctor could offer no alternatives.

He only speaks of his problem occasionally, stating that it really bothers him and that it occurs 24/7 unless he’s asleep. He gets no relief during the waking hours.

His eyes are important – all of our eyes are important obviously, but he spends a lot of time driving and a lot of time on the computer, so it’s worse for him.

Kathleen S.
February 4, 2011
Preoperative statement

I am elated with the results of the 2 DVS surgeries on my eyes. The latest DVS surgery on my right eye was equally as successfully as the left eye 2011 DVS surgery you performed.

It is great to get behind the wheel and no longer have to look out, over, and around blobs of matter in my field of vision. You cleaned “my human windshield” and goner are the annoyances of the debris I was seeing for far too long. Everything involved with seeing is now clear and brand new.

It is difficult for me to understand why mainstream ophthalmologists are not more open-minded to the potential benefits of vitrectomy!

I am very grateful to you for publicizing this procedure on the internet and I encourage you to continue these communication efforts. This is where I found you.

George S.
October 18, 2012
Postoperative Statement

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