James P.

I work for the United States Post Office as a city letter carrier.

I first noticed my eye problem about three years ago. It looks like spots or splatters of paint moving across my eyes when I look up or down, or left or right, then when I look straight ahead.

My eyes have gotten progressively worse over the years. They are interfering with my work, my driving and with my life. When I go up and down stairs, the steps disappear for a couple of seconds.

When I drive and look in the rearview mirror and look back, the car in front of me disappears for a second.

In my job, I have to case 18 letters a minute to keep my job. When I am sorting letters and read the address and look up at my case, the slots disappear for a second. My supervisor thinks that I am slowing down on purpose and does not understand my problem.

This has caused me a lot of mental and physiological problems.

James P.
April 1999

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